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The Car

  • Capacity for two guests
  • Adjustable seats so passengers sit at the same height, shoulder to shoulder
  • Participants remain comfortable in the car, without restraint
  • An acrylic canopy that pivots open and closed for entering & exiting the vehicle
  • One large front viewing panel and two side viewing panels
  • A continuous supply of breathing air, which flows into the canopy during the adventure
  • A steering system that enables drivers to maneuver the car within the confines of the track
  • Powered by Sub Sea Systems’ proprietary Bubble Engine technology
  • An antenna that extends above the car and out of the water, enabling direct communication
  • An emergency air supply system

The Bubble Engine

  • Aquaticaris powered by the world’s first Bubble Engine™ (patent-pending)
  • Specially designed rotors harness the uplift force of air bubbles to propel the vehicle – one cubic foot of bubbles generates approximately 63 pounds of up thrust!
  • Vehicles move at a speed of approximately 2 mph (3 kph)– similar to a walking pace

The Track

  • Specially designed fiberglass track, comprised of modular straightaway and curved segments
  • Track segments connect together like a slot car track, and form a variety of course configurations
  • The track’s unique design maintains the vehicle on the course; drivers cannot steer the vehicle beyond the confines of the track
  • Air registers embedded in the track trigger a release of air flow as the vehicle passes over to feed the car’s Bubble Engine and provide fresh breathing air to the guests
  • Air flow to the registers can be increased or decreased to speed up or slow down the vehicles, thereby lengthening or shortening the tour time, as well as increasing or decreasing hourly guest throughput



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