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Aquaticar is designed as an attraction for water parks or theme parks, and may feature multiple revenue streams.

Revenue Streams:

  • Aquaticar sales
  • Photo & video sales
  • Beach break –chaise lounge & private cabana rentals
  • Sea TREK helmet diving (operated within the Aquaticar body of water)
  • Snorkeling (within a designated area in the Aquaticar body of water)
  • Surrounding retail
  • Surrounding restaurants with underwater viewing
  • Animal Interaction

Tour throughput and guest capacity are determined by the size of the Aquaticar environment, length of track, and number of vehicles. Here is a sample tour volume per hour.


Body of water size: 100 ft. x 150 ft. (30.5 m x 46 m)

Course Length: 700 ft. (213 m)

Number of vehicles: 25


25 vehicles x 2 guests per vehicle = 50 passenger capacity

Underwater tour time = 5 minutes

Loading and unloading transition time = 2 minutes

Total turnaround time = 7 minutes per vehicle

Number of tours per hour, per vehicle = 8

8 tours per hour x 25 vehicles x 2 passengers per vehicle =



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