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Offer your guests the chance to become one of the World’s first pioneering underwater drivers!

The Aquaticar experience consists of the following:

Qualify for the adventure:

  • Must be at least 5 years old & accompanied by an adult or guardian
  • Height restriction may apply
  • In good health
  • Be comfortable in the water*

*Aquaticar requires no swimming. Guests will remain dry from mid-chest up, but must be comfortable in the water. Guests can wear prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Safety Briefing:

  • As guests wait in line, a brief video presentation explains the experience and provides safety information

Passenger Loading:

  • In the loading area, empty vehicles gradually move along a moving sidewalk (conveyor belt)
  • 2 guests step up to the vehicle as an attendant adjusts the seat height
  • Drivers load into the vehicle and seat themselves; once seated, guests shoulders are at equal height
  • The attendant lowers and locks in the acrylic canopy
  • Vehicles transfer onto a specialized track that gravity-feeds the vehicles into the underwater adventure
  • Vehicles can maneuver autonomously, without steering input

Underwater Driving Experience:

  • After entering the water, cars descend to a depth of approximately 8 ft. (2.4 m)
  • Vehicles are propelled by the car’s Bubble Engine, and travel along a specialized course.
  • Guests steer the car through curves, hairpin turns and straightaways
  • The vehicle’s speed is determined and maintained by the air flow that is delivered to the car’s Bubble Engine. Guests cannot control the speed of the vehicle
  • Depending on the theme of the environment, guests may drive past friendly fish and stingrays, or they could be navigating a mission through a perilous Mars landscape!
  • Total underwater ride time varies, depending on track length and speed
  • The cars maneuver autonomously, regardless of driver steering input

Water Exit:

  • At the end of the experience, the car transfers to an ascending conveyor belt that moves the vehicle to the surface
  • At the surface, the vehicle moves to a moving sidewalk (conveyor belt)
  • An attendant lifts back the acrylic canopy, allowing the guests to exit the vehicle
  • New drivers take their seat for their turn to drive underwater!

After the adventure, guests stop by the photo kiosk to view and purchase pictures of their underwater adventure.

Did you know Aquaticar can accommodate approximately 400 guests per hour? Click here to learn more.



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