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Imagine you're at a water park, approaching an attraction where futuristic vehicles ascend out of a body of water. Guests are unloading from the vehicles, while new participants climb in, two at a time. You're up next. You take a seat and a clear canopy pivots into position over your head and shoulders. Your vehicle moves onto a gently sloping ramp, and descends into a flourishing underwater environment. For the next several minutes, you're transported to another world-traversing an underwater course past colorful reef, an abandoned shipwreck, darting fish and graceful stingrays that fly overhead. This is not virtual reality- this is Aquaticar.














What is Aquaticar?

Aquaticar is the World's first underwater driving experience! The futuristic-looking vehicles traverse an underwater course on track segments that fit together like a slot car track. The vehicles are powered by a state-of-the-art Bubble Engine.

Underwater environments can be themed as broad as your imagination- from coral reefs with saltwater fish to a haunted dark ride with surprises around every corner!

Aquaticar complies with ASTM Amusement Ride Standards.

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